Phase 2

Consultation Overview


27 online survey responses received

Which of the following best describes your relationship to the local area?

Local Resident
Local businessperson/employee
Community representative:
Local Councillor


Our ambition for The Other House is to set a precedent for outstanding Belgravia design. What do you think of the design?

  • Excellent and homely
  • It is a good one. I love the idea of a garden. It will give the location a more vibrant look.
  • Modern and exciting, looking forward to seeing it.
  • Great work – definitely the future of residential living and hostels.
  • It is great and will bring some nice culture to the area. It will bring more business as well to the local companies and generate job opportunities.
  • Existing building could do with a facelift.
  • Maintaining the original structure is important in terms of carbon footprint.
  • Really good in keeping with the area.
  • Huge improvement on the current out of place police station.
  • Please keep it classical
  • It’s very nice, but in the same style as all of the overpriced retail that alienates local working class residents
  • Loving the design, feels very high end, suits the environment well and is a massive upgrade to the current building
  • Perfect
  • Looks very interesting and welcome
  • Huge improvement on the existing building, in keeping with the beauty of Belgravia
  • I see no mention of accessibility. I see delivery entrances are adjacent to existing residential dwellings, and a loss of footpath
  • The physical design of the building façade looks well thought out and sympathetic. The level of contribution to additional greenery is hard to determine.
  • It seems very tall and I am not a fan of faux Victorian architecture. I’d rather have an iconic building of 2023.
  • Appreciate the aim to fit in with traditional Belgravia design which is essential in my view, though from plans I can see, is too high by approx 10m
  • Very inkeeping with the area
  • The facelift façade looks great
  • Good
  • Most impressed with the idea of your using the real brick. Also impressed with your idea to open up the attractive, but little known, Ebury Square, by creating a passage through what is at present the Police Station. Do not know all your ideas for transforming this attractive police station

How would you describe your level of support for the proposed transformation of the old Belgravia Police Station into The Other House?

  • A good project
  • Positive – it will enhance the area and remove antisocial behaviour
  • Very positive
  • Brilliant idea
  • Obviously something has to be done with it. I was sorry to see the police station go (now three stations in the area have gone), but it’s good you are consulting the local populace. How !such there from Westminster City Council?
  • A local police presence housed in this building would be welcome. The other house concept is nebulous as a concept which is probably the idea. This is an opportunity to provide services to complement those provided by the local library with a focus on a younger community. How about a room for gamers?
  • OK as long as when it is finally finished locals from estates are looked after
  • Full support
  • Supportive
  • Would prefer long term affordable housing but that’s not going to happen so at least it’s something we can all use
  • 10/10
  • High
  • I think it will be better than having drunks and drug addicts shouting in the early hours
  • Strong, good use of space
  • High level of support
  • Very supportive
  • Undecided. Calling it a place for locals also seems to be rather a stretch.
  • Low. Public property has been sold off and the proposal seems to incorporate no public amenity for enjoyment of the site at low/no cost. Instead it is solely dedicated to high cost commercial activities. It should be an expectation when public property is sold off that the resultant development is inclusive of all social economic levels of community residents. Of course high value commercial activities are fine if balanced with other needs – which does not appear to be the case here.
  • I am happy as long as it is on a scale which suits the surroundings
  • Positive support, appreciate the high end repurpose of empty unattractive building . However, support conditional on facilities being targeted towards residents not just transient visitors, and respecting those businesses and residents who have supported the area over a long period of time
  • 100% supportive
  • I’d rather still have a police station there. It transforming into Other house is better than it being empty.
  • Fully support
  • Must mention that I am sad to see a relatively new attractive police station disappear. BUT appreciate your intentions to present something attractive in its place. – Yes, I do feel supportive of what I have seen so far

Do you have any suggestion for ways The Other House can continue to engage with the local community?

  • Keep communicating with residents and the local community. 
  • Bring communal life to the street which is a parking lot for Caches and homeless people unfortunately 
  • Advertise more fully. As I said I’d no idea until now (15/7.23) that all this was happening. 
  • Gaming and other competitions where there is no money/class divide 
  • Consult local charities and resident associations 
  • Allow the local community to use the facilities. Make sure that Ebury Square is kept lovely and not overcrowded, dirty or home to drunks. 
  • Reasonable prices, listening to older residents, only building at reasonable times of day between this and Cundy st quarter it’ll be very loud 
  • Offer social activities like mixer events on evenings or sports events. Access to a tennis court for “the other house” would be great 
  • Make belgravia more lively in the night – the bar should be not to posh 
  • I am impressed with the things have gone so far 
  • Organise tours / visits during refit to see plans and progress. 
  • Deffo engage the youth with job offers. Workshops eg floral design, wine tasting etc would encourage locals in as well as provide events for residents 
  • Listen to the suggestions, continue with leaflet drop, invite local residents to the opening. 
  • Yes, I didnt receive notice of the original consultation, nor planning application. Ensure all rooms fully accessable. Ensure all staff (not just hospitality) are recruited ideally from Westminster or at minimum the bordering boroughs, make (minimum living wage) apprenticeships available, use local artists – and artisans, ensure a percentage of each room booking goes to support The Passage and The Cardinal Hulme Centre and much more! 
  • This website is scant on actual details other than visual representations. More details on facilities, including member vs public facilities should be provided on website. 
  • A garden on Buckingham Palace Road accessible to all. Community hall for meetings, play groups, dog training. 
  • Consult and provide substantial warning for works related traffic management issues. 
  • Under 35 members discount to encourage a younger member, members mixers, gym memberships 
  • I received my first flyer today 27/06/23 I would like an email / sms for future invites to engage 
  • Health and gym facilities. 
  • This is a tricky one, as London offers so many of everything already. You mentioned a coffee shop, a restaurant. These are among the only reliables, one does not need a butcher, or clothes, or bookshop (as so near the library). What about a souvenir shop as adjacent to Victoria train and bus stations? A garden centre may be welcome

Do you have any further feedback that would help us improve plans for The Other House Belgravia?

  • Keep communicating with the local community
  • Green space, cafe and bar available to local residents highly welcome
  • Please extend your exhibitions and open days. I’m unable to see your plans from your website. It’s not at all clear.
  • Call it something else
  • I run a local charity for older people and children and young people with SEND and would love to be involved in the discussion so residents benefit from the plans and to represent them
  • A gym, spa, pool, bar & restaurant that are accessible to local residents would all be very welcome.
  • Make restaurants and bars open to the public
  • I know that a lot of other people have complained about homeless people and although I understand the risks, please work with local charities and outreach programs if it becomes an issue, as from experience gentrified areas with police presence don’t get rid of homelessness, just make it more violent and street specific
  • Coldplunge
  • Please finalise your plans and get the noise and dirt and disruption ended please
  • Keep local residents informed, discounted rates for locals, dog friendly area
  • Yes disability inclusion plans. State whether the site will allow guests with both assistance dogs and pet dogs? Are you going to invite local residents to soft openings? It is a vague statement to state local residents may ‘apply’ for membership when you have bought the local police station, are disturbing a residential area and will increase traffic congestion, waste and noise – and that is once the incessant noise of redevelopment takes place!
  • Part of approval of this development should include the developer providing elements of improving the general streetscape of buckingham palace road between pimlico road and elizabeth…. additional greening, improvement of pavements and refreshing street furniture. The developer states a “Hub for Locals”, well this end of BHP road needs improvement to be more inviting and when this development progresses it should fund this public amenity improvement.
  • Please be mindful of the already very heavy traffic from the coach station and existing developments – as residents we have years of disruption. I support your development but hope it won’t make movement in the area difficult for further years to come. I feel it important that the facilities you offer will be open to residents as well as members. I like the bold interior designs I have seen to date
  • Under 35 discounts and gym memberships
  • It looks extremely exclusive/expensive I’m not sure how you’ll be able to incorporate locals on low incomes into your plans.
  • Just hope the new building will not be too tall. Good luck with your plans!

Further engagement

We are currently reviewing feedback received during the second round of consultation to inform the design of our final scheme. There will be a third round of consultation in September to share our final proposals prior to the submission of a planning application to Westminster City Council.