Your Other House in Belgravia

The Other House has purchased the old Belgravia Police Station on Buckingham Palace Road and is preparing plans to transform the site and create a new hospitality offering. Combining flexible stay accommodation with access to hotel-style services and club facilities, these innovative Residents’ Clubs will provide a ‘second home’ for guests and a new hub for locals.
On this website, you can find out about our detailed plans, who we are, and how your feedback has shaped our proposals.

Welcome to The Other House

The Other House guests are part of the neighbourhood, and the neighbourhood are part of The Other House. We create inspirational spaces which are cool, and bold. The Other House offering includes a local all day cafe, signature cocktail bar and hireable dining/meeting rooms, as well as a club with spa focussing on fitness and well being. Sustainable regeneration of existing sites is key to our brand strategy, both reducing environmental impact and breathing new life into the community.

Our Key Values

To reuse the existing building with minimal carbon cost

Redeveloping and reconfiguring existing buildings, with considered decision making to reduce environmental impact

To involve the neighbourhood

Creating inspirational spaces to bring in local residents to shape plans and enhance the local area with bar, bistro, club, spa and fitness areas.

To be your other house

Combining flexible stay accommodation with access to hotel style services on demand and club facilities, this innovative concept will feel like a ‘second home’ for guests as long as they are in town

To enhance the locality

Creative re-use of the existing building with an intention to add to the Belgravia neighbourhood character, taking inspiration rom the Belgravia cityscape and creating a social hub

To have life-long sustainability

State-of-the-art technology and sustainable development from design stage and operations, to futureproof the life of the building and make a long term positive impact on the environment

Our Amended Plans

In September 2023 following three phases of public consultation we submitted a planning application to Westminster City Council.

Our intention has always been to deliver a considerate proposal which genuinely complements the locality, protecting neighbouring amenity whilst providing a second home for residents as well as our guests.

To this end, following discussions with Westminster City Council, we temporarily withdrew our application in November 2023 to incorporate several adjustments to ensure further protection and consideration for neighbouring residents. 

Key Scheme Updates

Reduced massing with one storey reduction to protect daylight/sunlight levels

Enhanced noise management with
a garden room to enclose the food and beverage area

Total height from top plant level reduced to improve townscape setting

Public access moved to Buckingham Palace Road to reduce potential noise

Courtyard facade set further back from tree canopy to reduce potential tree impact


The Other House is committed to engaging with our neighbours to ensure that our proposals reflect local priorities. Our plans have been shaped across three phases of public consultation with local residents and stakeholders.

Consultation Overview


unique visitors to the consultation website across both phases of consultation


flyers sent to local residents across both phases of consultation


Social media ads reached 22,870 users with 725 click throughs across both phases of consultation


in-person event attendees across both phases of consultation




in person exhibitions across three phases of public consultation


public consultations

The Neighbourhood Said

Make your facilities accessible to local residents (not just members)
Restaurant and bar and cafe to be open to the public would be wonderful
Be considerate in your construction
A high-end wellbeing center (with a clean, fit-for-swimming pool) available to local residents is highly desired. Bars and restaurants would also be welcome. Thank you
Very happy to see a positive development of the space
Find out what is important to the local neighbourhood
We need a gym in the area
Create a much more safer environment, the coach station tends to have a lot of homeless people around. Proving a hotel in the area and bringing people can support the area to grow. More lights and life in the area is required.

Your Say

We will be holding two drop-in events where you can find out more about our revised plans for The Other House Belgravia