The site

The site is situated at the edge of Belgravia fronting Ebury Square, Semley Place and Buckingham Palace Road. As a former Police Station, the existing building acts like a fortress, with a severe and defensive exterior. This contrasts with the surrounding Belgravia streetscape and detracts from the area. The current site does not make use of Ebury Square, which is a hidden gem in the locality. Our intention is for The Other House to become part of the neighbourhood, enjoyed by residents both new and old.

Local Character

It is an area characterised by elegant classical design, full of ornate window ornaments, grand columns, and stylish iron railings at ground level. The integrity of the area is protected by the Belgravia Conservation Area and although the old Police Station does not fall within its boundaries, our intention is to create a building which looks at home amongst its surroundings.  

Existing Building

The existing building, though appreciated for its function, is not in-keeping with its near neighbours. Since 2021, when it stopped functioning as a police station, the building has been unoccupied. Being a former police station, there are several ways in which it is not suited for other use. The architecture is defensive and uninviting – it is not built with visitors in mind. The floor layout also has some quirks, like holding cells. To give the building a new lease of life, substantial changes are needed to make it suitable for other uses.

The building is in need of development and, with the right plans, could become a place that Belgravia can be proud of.